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Predictive Architect-Oracle

Dear All,

Oracle looking out for a position of “Predictive Architect” ,details are as follows :

A dedicated architect is critical for this new Fusion product offering.  This person will need to possess a unique skill set in order to initiate this product offering and progress it along through maturity, including but not limited to: data mining, trend analysis, predictive modeling, and advanced data visualization.  This person will be responsible for developing a scalable architectural design and road map for the HCM Predictive family offering.  This person will also serve as a technical advisor to other Fusion Application teams in order to assist in a Fusion-wide predictive application solution.  This person will be dedicated to work with the PM in collecting HCM requirements, and interpreting those requirements into designs and business process solutions.

This combination of a new product and complex skill set demands architects dedicated to predictive.

Required: This person will need to possess the following minimum requirements.

Knowledge of advanced predictive analytic practices, including

  • Data mining
  • Trend analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Modeling, such as response and lifetime modeling
  • Database analytic services
  • Segmentation of application records
  • Exploratory variable analysis
  • Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge of advanced practices into useful analytic solutions
  • Understanding of Oracles analytic offerings
  • Knowledge of competing analytic providers offerings, in the Applications software industry
  • Awareness of best practice analytic solutions
  • Knowledge of Analytic designs (such as linear, bubbles, context, pares, pivots, etc.)
  • Understanding of data modeling and extraction methods

Experience of 3-8years ..

Strong experience in Data Mining ,Trend Analysis, Predictive Analytic is required .

Mail me the resumes to venkatesh.kothapalli@oracle.com  (or) reach me on 9963029734



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