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Corporate Blogging

Nowadays, corporate blogging is increasing day by day and on the charts of popularity. I want to say that corporate blogging is good for those people, who want to know more about the plans and strategies of business entities. Extent of using corporate blogging has been increased from past years that reflect the charisma of corporate blogging. CEOs of giant firms are taking participation with a proactive approach to reflect their advancement and concern for their stakeholders. There are two types of blogs that are internal and external blogs. In terms of internal blogs, people can access the blogs through the intranet of corporation. Internal blogs are generally used in meetings as well as e-mails (Wyld, 2010). At the same time, external blogs are available publicly. So, the access of these blogs makes a difference between these two forms of corporate blogging. Corporate heads generally share their views and opinions through corporate blogging.

Use of internal blogs may also improve participation of employees. Here, I want to mention that internal blogs enhances communication between different layers of firms that is good for ensuring two way channels of communication. Internal blogging also enhances sense of community that is good for the employees. With internal blogging, it is possible to ensure a free discussion of issues. Free discussion of issues is favorable for the corporations to identify or locate any issue that employees have regarding the business practices like, performance appraisal, recruitment, training, promotion, transfer etc (Cass & Cass, 2007). By identifying issues, corporations can handle the issues at their utmost level. Internal blogging is also favorable for enhancing collective intelligence. With internal blogging, it is possible for the corporation to settle issues with those people, who have differences in schedules. This flexibility saves time and cost of the corporation. Here, I strongly favor the use of internal blogging rather than external blogging. The reasons of favoring internal blogging lies in the fact which states that internal blogging is good for solving issues internally with effective flow of communication and discussion.

Social networking sites like, twitter, LinkedIn, Face book etc are increasingly preferred by the corporate heads. Prime target of corporate blogs is mainly customers and business. In B2C form of business model, corporate blogs are written for customers. At the same time, in B2B type of business model, corporate blogs are written for businesses. The objectives, aims and goals of writing corporate blogs differ from corporation to corporation. It is common now among the Fortune 500 corporations to write blogs externally. This data reflects that corporate blogs are really popularizing.

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