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Blogs – the tool in recruitment.

Welcome to the “World of Blogs.” You may already be a “blogger” or know someone who is – but for a majority of us, this is still a relatively new trend. Let’s start by defining the term itself: Blog — (weB LOG) is short for weblog.

What is a Blog (weB LOG)?

The word “blog” is short for weblog.  A weblog is an online journal or newsletter that is frequently updated and intended for public consumption.  Blogs typically represent the personality of the author or the website (similar to the editorial section in your daily newspaper). Often candidates post their resume on a blog.  Most technology savvy candidates read or participate in blogs.  Try a few sites dedicated to recruiting and see what you can learn by this increasing popular tool.

Today, candidates are looking to expand their online job hunt beyond the basic job board. Often they start their own blog to raise visibility to potential employers. It is increasingly common for candidates to blog by posting their résumé in blog format.

Some bloggers who aren’t actively seeking a new job are being approached by company recruiters based on their blog posts. According to one blogger, “That’s the advantage of blogging — if you do it well and have interesting things to say, people pay attention.”

Rather than existing to catalog someone’s personal life, many blogs serve as discussion communities about particular issues. Hiring companies and prospective employees are also talking themselves up in blogs. For instance, many corporations are posting career site blogs as a way for readers to gain a deeper level of understanding of the company’s culture, people, work and environment. Blogs have become great strategic recruiting tools that offer excellent networking opportunities – with both candidates and clients.

Blog overview
· Blogs have popped up by the millions these past five years, offering a window into the thoughts and behaviors of total strangers. There are believed to be between 10 and 20 million blogs on the Internet, delivering information that ranges from news and political commentary to the daily routine of a college student. If the information superhighway was the buzz of the 1990s, the blogosphere is the rage of the 2000s.

· Blogs are maintained by companies, individuals and interest groups and solicit reader feedback. They are used as bully pulpits, outlets for creative writing and branding opportunities. What they all have in common is that they are updated frequently — daily or several times a week — and their style is personal.

· While 43 percent of online weblog or blog readers visit political/news blogs, the percentage of the online audience reading blogs is skyrocketing. Nearly 50 million Internet users read blog sites during the first quarter of 2005. That’s about 30 percent of all Internet users or about one in six people who live in the United States.

· Blogs represent an emerging and growing communication vehicle. Today, the number of blogs is rapidly increasing — with over 80,000 added each day.

Check out these popular blog sites:

Blogs have the potential to take communicating with candidates to an entirely new level and driving business results. They can be among the most effective tools in your recruiting arsenal.

According to a recent poll conducted by  www.recruiting.com, the following sites were rated top 10 for recruiters’ blogs.

1. Best Third Party Recruiting Blog: Taleo Weblog

2. Best Corporate Recruiting Blog: Google Blog

3. Best Recruiting Research Blog: Cybersleuthing

4. Best job Seeker Blog: Gretchen’s Job blog

5. Best Recruiting Law Blog: Strategic HR Lawyer

6. Best Group Blog: Gretchen’s Job blog

7. Best Recruiting Advice Blog: CollegeRecruiter.com

8. Best CEO Blog: Marc Cenedella – The Ladders

9. Best Technology Recruitment Blog: Cheesman’s Online Recruiting Blog

10. Best HR Blog: CollegeRecruiter.com Blog

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