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Five Tips to Dealing with Difficult People -A good article to read .

Even the most professional sales presentation can be met with objections from your prospects, and this is when your Objection Handling skills come in. This week we will be focusing on tips and advice related to overcoming these objections and how to deal with those sales (and people) that present challenges.

Let’s face it, real life is full of people whose head you would stick in the oven if it were not for the fact that your livelihood somehow depends on them.  So how do you keep your cool and your job when dealing with difficult people?  Better yet, how do you turn that frown upside down?

Top Five Tips to Dealing with Difficult People:

  • Don’t React! – If someone calls you screaming – don’t react.  Let them get everything off their chest.  Don’t take anything they say personally, even if they call you a &*%^$@. Once they unload the emotion you can focus on fixing the problem.  They will feel heard and you will look like Mr. or Mrs. Problem Solver.


  • Never Say No
  • – Saying no creates friction and makes people fight harder.  Instead, tell them you will do everything in your power to fix the problem and call them back – then, fix the problem!

  • If You’re Wrong, Admit It! – The fastest way to defuse a situation is to take responsibility.  Don’t pass the buck.  Take responsibility for yourself or your company (even if it’s not your fault) and move toward a resolution.
  • Answer a Question with a Question – Them – “Can this be done by Monday?”  You – “Is that when you need it?”  Don’t assume you know the answer.  The more you ask the more you learn.
  • Side by Side – Never sit across the table from each other – it creates a “you vs. me” mentality.  Instead, sit side by side and put them on your team.  Then focus on how “we” can fix the problem together.

Remember, dogs make friends by wagging their tale, not their tongue!



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