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Top 10 Easy Ways for Staying in Touch -By Sean Black

The top ten tips I’ve learned for staying in constant-contact:

1.     Make a wish – Recognizing someone’s birthday is a powerful way to make a lifelong friend.  Most people’s own families don’t remember their birthday, so people are always pleasantly shocked when they get a card or a phone call (or both) from me on their special day.  Bad memory? Enter birthdays in Outlook Contacts and it automatically puts a reminder on your calendar. This one makes a lasting impression.

2.     Pick up the phone – Schedule 15-20 minutes everyday to call one or two of your contacts just to say hello.  Don’t have time to catch up?  Then call their office during off-hours and leave a voice mail. They will appreciate it all the same.  You will be surprised how many opportunities result from a quick call.


3.     Thought you might like – If you’re like me then you read tons of books, newspapers and magazines.  Think about who else might benefit from an article, rip it out and mail it to them. Not only will they be touched that you thought of them, but also they will come think of you as a resource.

4.     Friends refer friends – Relationships are like muscles, the more you work them the bigger and stronger they get.  Unfortunately, too many people treat relationships like a pie, as if the more they give away the less will be left for them – wrong!   You should actively seek opportunities to refer your contacts’ product and services to the rest of your network.  If done properly everyone wins.

5.     Connect the dots – Which people in your network would benefit from or just enjoy meeting each other?  Making introductions is a great way to keep in touch.  Besides, if you make a connection you will be thought of as connected.


6.     Send a postcard – Typically people only send postcards to their closest friends and family right? Send your most important contacts postcards while you are on vacation (or even from your own city) and they will know they are special to you.


7.     Write a note – When’s the last time someone took the time to send you a handwritten note? Did it make an impression on you?  Need I say more?

8.     Happy Groundhog Day – Everybody sends cards on major holidays, but have you every gotten a card on Groundhog Day?  Me neither, but I sure would remember it. Send a card on “holidays” when no one would ever expect it and they will remember it (and you) for the rest of the year. Pick a different holiday each year and they will start to expect the unexpected from you.

9.     Pay a visit – When you travel make a list of people who live near your destination and fill your calendar with coffee, lunch, dinner and drinks. For people you can’t see, leave a voicemail or email that you are passing through, were thinking of them and will stop by next time you are in town.

10.  Share your currency – Don’t have anymore time in the day to invest in relationships?  Then share what you already do on a regular basis with your contacts. Invite them for a workout at the gym, to a conference or even to dinner at your house.  What you do best or most enjoy is your currency; it is what you have to offer others, so start spending!


Remember, out of sight, out of mind!  Keep in touch.





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