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My favourite recruitment catch phrases-Posted by Luke Collard on July 10, 2011

Recruitment lends itself as well to catchphrases as any other other industry. On my travels through the industry I have worked with some very creative individuals who have a beautiful knack of summing up a situation or person with a few well chosen words. I have also worked with others that have developed what seems like an entirely different language and make little sense unless you have the appropriate translation phrase book.

 Regardless, what I have found is that a good catchphrase can go a long way to adding a bit of humor to what is a serious and often stressful job.

 There must be thousands, and one could probably put together an entirely alternative Thesaurus based around recruitment. Here are just a small selection of some of my favorites and the appropriate translation (with apologies for some choice language).

Whose who in the zoo:

The process of mapping a market sector or company for headhunting purposes.


Teflon vacancy / client:

A vacancy or client that is so awkward you will never make a candidate stick.

Chuck enough mud at the wall, hope some sticks:

The numbers game approach of sending lots of unqualified candidates to a client in the desperate hope that one of them is successful.

Beatles shortlist:

When you have 4 excellent candidates to shortlist for a vacancy (as in ‘Fab 4’). In more recent times this has been amended to the ‘TakeThat shortlist’.

Stocking filler:

An average candidate that you submit just to make up the numbers on a shortlist.

Shit Sandwich Shortlist (or TripleS):

Similar to above, when you put an average candidate in the middle of the shortlist to hide them as best as possible.

Paris Hilton:

A candidate that initially looks OK but it very quickly becomes clear when you talk to them that there is no substance (can also be known by many other names).

Bird shit placement:

A lucky placement that comes from no where.


Acronym to describe a placement that once looked very positive but has gone very wrong (F****d up beyond all recognition).

Can’t polish a t**d:

The impossible process of trying to make a poor candidate sound good.

The Bridesmaid:

A candidate that often gets to the final stages but never gets an offer.

Have fun

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