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Infosys launches InfosysEdge to drive its PPS business

In a definitive shift in the way it sells its offerings, IT services company Infosys is creating brands to drive its relatively-new products, platforms and solutions ( PPS) business.

The poster boy of the Indian IT services industry, over the past three decades the company has focused on brand Infosys rather than branding separate offerings.

Infosys has launched ‘InfosysEdge’, a family of platforms that enable customers to buy software on a pay-as-you-go model. InfosysEdge has 9 live and three upcoming platforms, with offerings that range from helping clients with e-commerce businesses to managing human resources and procurement processes.

The company is also finalising branding for new products. “In the services business, it is highly relationship based and the strategy is built on deepening multi-level relationships so that different people understand you and position you right.

In the products space too relationships are important and that is an advantage we are starting with. But beyond the relationship it becomes important to express the product because unlike service you buy a product because of your understanding of its functionalities, uniqueness, differentiation and its positioning.

Hence, recall becomes very important. For instance today Finacle is sold as Finacle and a lot of branding activity goes behind it,” Sanjay Purohit, senior VP and global head of products, platforms and solutions business at Infosys, said.

This has been one of the most critical years in $6-billion IT services company’s history as it underwent a restructuring exercise and embarked on a new phase of growth. Infosys is now moving away from being a pureplay IT services provider to a business solutions provider as it seeks to help clients transform, innovate and optimise their businesses.

It has identified seven areas for its ‘build tomorrow’s enterprises’ strategy and has reorganised around four verticals and three horizontal services lines. ‘Business IT services’, ‘consulting and system integration’ and ‘products, platforms and solutions’ are the three horizontal services lines it set up.

“We chose the word Edge for platforms because it talks about being different as well as going forward. If you brand the platforms separately you will have to create brands around talent management, e-commerce, digital marketing etc. You will have to put in multiple efforts to take space in different areas.

But we wanted to take space in line with the Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise thinking because that is the overall company positioning. These platforms take you to the edge of Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise. We want to build that association,” he added.

While platforms have been launched as a family, products could be launched as a family or lines. Compared to services, where branding meant creating the right positioning, branding around products is focused on creating awareness. Besides Finacle, Infosys has five products such as Fypp and Shopping 360 with another 7-8 products in the works.

The products, platforms and solutions business is the company’s next big bet as traditional IT services business get commoditised rapidly. Products and platforms are intellectual property-led businesses where unlike the time and material model being followed so far, revenue is drawn from licences or as a service. Each of the three services lines is expected to contribute a third of Infosys’s revenue in 5-7 years.

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